The Debarsi Narad Jayanti

The Debarsi Narad Jayanti has been organized today at ITA Machkhowa in Guwahati . The event is organized by VSK where eminent writer , Editor of popular Assamese magazine Bishmoi has been feliciated . Assam Education, Law and Guwahati Development department  minister Siddhartha Bhattacharya has attended  as Chief Guest and writer and commentator Proffesor Rakesh Sinha is present in the program as Chief Speaker. On behalf on the organizer , Shanker Das , Prachar  Pramukh of Uttar Asom Prant, RSS has welcomed all guests and invities.  In his speech, Shri Das has explained the necessity and importance of holding the Narad Jayanti. He said that credibility is the thumb rule in disiminating information. He explained, how information was delivered from one place to another in ancient age . In his speech , Assam Education minister Siddharatha Bhattacharya said that with the advent of modern technology and social media , there are many changes have been happened in the field of media .He also echoed the view of Shri Shanker Das and said that credibility is the most important thing in dealing with news or information. Mr. Bhattacharya has also remembered his days when he used to present news for Doordarshan in Guwahati. He said , radio was considered as a family  member when there was no other media . On this occasion , Shashi Phukan has been feliciated with a plaque , sarai, statue of Debarshi Narad and 51 thousand cheque .


In his acceptance speech, Shri Phukan has fondly remembered his five decades of association in the field of media .Shri Phukam thanked all those people who had helped him in his journey . On the other hand , Professor Rakesh Sinha delivered lecture on -Emerging issues before nationalism . He says that of late there is a dearth of proper intellectual in the country which is a cause of concern. He said , instead there is only intellectual middlemen are being seen in the country now. Citing the example of great thinker , writer Kalhan , Professor Sinha said that this nation always admired such great people. He said that the students of India also must know the heroic of freedom fighters of Assam like Kankaklata and Maniram Dewan. He said – it was a sad part that , the valour and sacrifice of such heroes are not reflected in history. Professor Sinha further emphasied to preserve the culture and varied languages of India which  is the strenth of the country. He also stressed that the Hindi speaking people of this country also must learn how to speak regional language like Assamese. On this occasion a souviner Bina Bani was released by Professor Rakesh Sinha. The magazine was edited by Biswajit Nath and Ranjan Chakrabarty.























































The event is anchored by Chairman of Jyoti Chitraban Pabitra Margherita. Several journalists , writers and Chairman , Vice Chairman of government co-operation were also present in the program today.