November 29, 2023

RSS started COVID19 Helpline in Delhi for North-east people

In this hour of nationwide lockdown due to COVID19 pandemic, the Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has launched a helpline for the people of the North-east region of the country, who are at present residing in Delhi. This helpline is being handled and attended by RSS Swayamsevaks from the region.

It is being handled by the volunteers from the North-east states so that the callers can communicate easily and they can be guided accordingly. As per sources, a 20 member team has been engaged for this purpose only. Their job is to attend to calls from the North-east people who are staying in the national capital, and to guide them if they are facing any difficulties during the lockdown period.

The helpline number: 9650530531 is available 24/7 for the lockdown period.

Families from North-East are regularly calling and asking for help for their kins who are stuck in Delhi as well as other parts of India. The helpline is also receiving calls from North-East people who are in other regions of the country.

Pawan Kumar, a member of the State Executive of RSS and one of the persons managing the helpline, said, a 10 member team of doctors are also providing advice on the helpline to callers. “In medicine section, calls are directly sent to the doctors and most of the calls are queries around Coronavirus, as to where are the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits available, where can the tests be done and if there is any medicine to cure it. There are calls regarding other ailments, including fever and cold, as well,” said Kumar.

The decision to engage volunteers from the North-east was taken as it was thought that they will be able to communicate better with the North-east people seeking help. “It was felt that understanding of the local language would play a major part in helping to resolve the issues being faced by people from the region. The Sangh also felt that volunteers would be better equipped in dealing with such cases,” Kumar added.

The volunteers too are of the opinion that being from the North-east states does help in reaching out to people who are calling in the helpline number. One of the volunteer, Khulna Sahani, who is from Manipur, said, “When we speak to them in local language they are able to reach out to us with much ease. And we are also aware of the local needs, customs and requirments during such trying times”.

The RSS has also improvised the ration kit for the North-east people as per their food habits. More quantity of rice, as people of North-East prefer rice over chapatis, potato and onion added to it.