Forest Man of India Jadav Payeng appeals to celebrate World Earth Day.

Forest Man of India Jadav Payeng appeals to celebrate World Earth Day.

Known as Forest Man of India, Shri Jadav Payeng of Majuli in Assam has appealed to one and all to participate in an e-Competition organized by Paryavaran Gatividhi on the occasion of World Earth Day.

Shri Jadav Payeng a Padma Shri Award recipeant from the President of India, who hails from a remote village in Majuli, Assam, single handedly created a forest by planting trees all alone by himself for several years. Now the forest is the home for various wildlife animals.

Because of this huge and unbelievable effort, Jadav Payeng is known as the Forest Man of India. He has received many awards till now, and various documentaries made on his life.