Let us build a new India transforming adversities into advantage – RSS Chief Dr. Mohan Bhagwat

Let us build a new India transforming adversities into advantage – RSS Chief Dr. Mohan Bhagwat

Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s Sarsanghchalak respected Dr. Mohan Bhagwatji while addressing an intellectual summit organized by the RSS mahanagar unit of Nagpur, emphasized on Indian culture and heritage to fight the war against Covid-19. Dr. Mohanji went on to deliberate that Sangh never indulges in self propaganda to promote its ideology. Self orientation in solitude and charity for people is the trademark of Sangh. These two qualities are the basis of one’s life and Sangh’s identity. Sangh never looks for self interest, publicity and propaganda to do service to the people. A country of 130 crore people is our society, our country, those who are suffering are our own, we need to work for everyone. No one should be left out, that is our oath. We must do service equivalent to our strength and that is our tradition. Keeping these things in mind, we have forwarded our helping hand towards the world to fight Covid-19. We are committed towards the development of the society as a whole.

Dr. Mohanji said, until we win this war against Covid-19, we need to be careful till then. In the near future along with relief work we need to give direction to the society. This crisis is teaching us to become self sustainable and we need to develop a mechanism to do that. We need to prepare a new model for development, for which, government, administration and society must work together. Self sustainable means job creation in our own capacity, along with conservation of nature should be the economic policies in the next step towards nation building. Using products which are made in India, water and tree conservation, cleanliness, discarding plastic and organic farming must become a part of our life. We must adhere to the norms of a society and maintain discipline, this is what patriotism is all about. Governance and administration must execute their responsibilities together. The society must work with intelligence, communication, peace and make sacrifices to win over this crisis. We must follow this principles in our families first, which will lead to the society.

Dr. Mohanji expressed his sadness on the death of two sadhus in Palghar, Maharashtra. He said, if someone commits a sin, one should not blame the entire community and create a distance from that society. The society of 130 crore Indians are sons, daughters of Bharat Mata and our friends. Sangh will not let anti-national forces to take advantage of the situation. Two Sadhus were beaten to death in Maharashtra by some anarchist. We are sad about this episode but we need to control our anger and have patience, said Mohanji. Expressing his sadness on the killing of the sadhus, he appealed to the society to pay their homage to the departed souls.

Mohanji further said, Let us build a new India transforming adversities into advantage. Till the work is complete, we must work with a positive frame of mind. Politics based on interest of the country, education which will lead to welfare of the society are the means to a resurgent India. By setting examples in this hour of crisis India can give leadership to the world community as a whole. And this is the role we all must follow.

Bikram Burhagohain