“Citizenship Debate over NRC & CAA: Assam and Politics of History”

“Citizenship Debate over NRC & CAA: Assam and Politics of History”

 Written by Prof. Nani Gopal Mahanta,  launched by Param Pujaniya Sarsanghchalak, RSS Dr Mohan ji Bhagwat

Honorable Professor of Guwahati University and Head of the Department of political science brief in his speech about the historical analysis  of Assam NRC and CAA.

Honorable  chief minister of assam Himanta Biswa Sarma- Greetings to respected delegates present on the dias.  Assam intellectual is still dominated by leftish. Whenever  we try to talk we often get opposite alternation. Unfortunately or fortunatuly  there are many few people they agreed to raise the alternative voice.  Writer Noni Gopal Mahanta by writing the book has challenged the leftish thinking.   Those who opposed CAA & NRC the book is a good reply to them as the book based on all historical facts.  They we shared a good relationship since college during university time and had  maintain the same sentiment and ideology. His writing has captured the worldwide presentation and  bought nation in action. When ever we enter into the debate we must undestand why there are so much resistence in CAA &NRC,  it is due to  different  acceptance on CAA & NRC.  The people of some part of the  country is a  communial mind set.  It is important for Indians to stand with the victims who are forced to convert into Islam, our tribal Hindu , Parsi, sikh and other victim relgion deserve similar kind of treatment that they deserved.  Assam people think if we allow Hindu , Bengali Migrants we will lost our culture, Land , Language and Indentity.  Indira Gandhi  said about two child policy when  her govertment was running then time, but the same Policy our Govertment implemented we became communal.   We had the most challengining point more for them in Assam  and  to safe Indian Civilisation. Proffesor   Noni Gopal Mahanta’S  intellectual Citizenship Debate over NRC & CAA  on  will be a democratic way to express peoples thoughts . No Human Mind created Law and constitution without History.  We have accepted the diversity of Religion, Diversity of  people, Diversity of Language, Diversity of  Culture, we have to accept the  diversity of we recognized. Hindu was a leader in Indian always. No human kind create law. We define secularism.  I am a supporter of CAA and will remain a supporter of CAA, but we also have to respect and protect our Assamese Culture.

Greetings to  Respected Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma ,  Shri. P.J Handique VC of Guahati University & Noni Gopal Mahanta (Proffessor Guwahati university and HOD of political science.

  CAA & NRC is always a concern of matter when it comes to support and oppose in  welfare.  To bring this act into Bill is also a matter of welfare for the citizen.  It is we the people need to decide which concerned will  lead us for the development.   But those who wanted to oppose this new law misled our Muslim brothers by propagating a false notion that it was aimed at restricting the Muslim population. Using CAA, opportunists unleashed organised violence in the name of protests. He added that the effots of the rioters and opportunists to reignite the conflicts still continue.  Sangha people has always been pushed for the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill or CAB which seeks to simplify the process of granting Indian citizenship to non-Muslims from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. We think about good for the mankind as we belong to sangha.  Many fact have not came in common people eyes but it is reveal in this book.  I support this book after going through it, every language is vital in Indian and there history and cultute. Assam gives importance to its culture and languages . many migirants came as a victim and others came to increase there numbers.  Secularism , Socialism, democracy is there in our country  and we don’t need to learn it from others country. We are different in language , caste etc but to run the country we are same or we became one. This is our birth place and work place and we cannot leave our ideology, as it has became a part of our life and identity.  NRC is not against the citizenship  each and every problem and concern about Assam people is discussed and mentioned in this book.  He also added that we get solution of all problem when we stand together and united, requesting all of them to go through the book.