Kerala – A failed Communist model in handling covid19 crisis

Kerala. Kerala failed in handling covid second wave. The onus of this failure is on the Communist led state government, which terribly failed in measures to prevent it.

The COVID-19 test positivity rate is high in Kerala, going over 20 per cent in some districts which is evidence of intense virus circulation. Kerala on Wednesday reported 32,803 new Covid cases and 173 deaths which pushed the total infection count to 40,90,036 and the fatalities to 20,961.

The irony is that a small state like Kerala with less than 4 crore population has resulted in 68% of the total cases in the country. When inefficiency of the state government is wrapped up by a well-protected cover of PR and media hype (by a section of media), lives of common people remains in darkness and deep trouble.

But Chief Minister is in no mood to accept the reality. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan accused that people with vested interest are turning people against the government. Unscientific measures by the state government is making day to day lives of people in distress. Suicide rates high, many businesses in losses, people across all strata of society suffers. Suicide cases across the state in just one month from June to July this year was 17. Only when the government in the state leads the pandemic situation effectively, things will be in control. This is a state when Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan roamed freely at a time when he was affected with covid during election couple of months ago. People are kept in darkness by a section of media doing PR work for the communists. Only few media including some online media have the guts to call spade a spade.

Another thing is about vaccine distribution. There were times when CoWIN portal was not working only in Kerala for a long period of time. In all other states this portal was working fine. Many people complained about this in social media, a small section of media reported this. But nothing was of any use. Many a time state government complains of vaccine shortage. How can they not know in advance how much vaccine is left? In a large state like UP recovery rate is 98.6 percent with TPR 0.01 percent. People in Kerala need to wake up to the reality and see how other states are successfully tackling covid.

Well, to tackle covid situation in the state at the earliest, new effective measures with the help of expert committee should formed and it should be implemented.