Preserving Bhartiya Sanskriti and its age-old tradition in literature is the need of the hour: RSS Sar Karyavah Dattatreya Hosabale


Guwahati: Sar Karyavah of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Dattatreya Hosabale on Thursday (September 30) said in Guwahati that preserving the rich heritage of ‘Bhartiya Sanskriti’ and its age-old traditions in literature is the need of the hour. Addressing the representative of 108 tea communities of Assam Sar Karyavah Hosabale asked them to upkeep the great values of the tea tribe’s culture, tradition and age-old dharmic belief.

He explained the importance of different segments of the tea tribe to stay organised and united.

While recalling the history of the tea tribe during the British period when they were brought to different places of the world, including Assam, Sar Karyavah Hosabale said, “They contributed in their best way as nation-builders with hard labour and sweat.” He further added, In Trinidad and Guyana, those who had been brought as Girmitia did not forget their culture and religion despite innumerable challenges. That’s indeed the beauty of them.

The different culture of tea tribes originally from different states got a unique mixture on the land of Assam, which enriched our overall Bharatiya culture. He further said, ” Sanskriti is one, but with different manifestations. We see linkages in different manifestations. That is the uniqueness of Bharatiya culture.”

Shri Dattatreyaji stressed the importance of literature in preserving our age-old culture.

“Value of life is understood in a better way when the economic conditions of people are enriched. Improving one’s economic condition through moral means is what should be cherished.”, He added.

During the crisis period, cooperation with each other for better sustenance, properly availing different government welfare schemes for health and educational necessities, should be taken into account.

Dattatreya Ji said that the educated elites in society must properly guide the other Janjati society, considering it a duty.

Speaking in a seminar on “Socio-economic and cultural development of tea tribes and welfare schemes of government” in Guwahati, Hosabaleji said, a “chitra pradarshani” should be developed and demonstrated, taking into account the stories of 3/4 generations of tea communities in Assam which will facilitate an inspiring history of the tea tribe for the future generation.

Union MoS of petroleum Rameswar Teli and a host of dignitaries of tea communities were present at the seminar held in Madhab Dev international auditorium in Guwahati.