Boat Accident Incident – Kerala High Court gives guidelines for tourist boats, bats for safe tourism

Kochi. Kerala High Court considered the Suo Moto case it took in the Tanur boat accident. The court gave its guidelines to prevent such boat accidents in the future. The court also ordered that the government must make stringent laws.

The court said that boats must display the maximum capacity that can be allowed on the boat at the entrance door. It must be displayed in both Malayalam and English. In addition, the exact number of people that are allowed on the upper deck and the lower deck must be recorded exactly.

High Court also ordered that the boat driver must make sure that only the allowed number of persons has boarded the boat.

The court observed that tourism is one of the major income generators for Kerala. People are killed mostly in accidents while travelling on roads and waterways. If Kerala do not have safe tourism, the image of the state will be affected.

Therefore, the High Court demanded that tourism must be done in utmost safety and thus prevent the erosion of Kerala’s image. The court also appointed Adv. Sivakumar as Amicus Curiae. The case will be considered on 7th next month.