November 29, 2023

New Delhi. It is a matter of concern that in the last few days, leaders of Congress, DMK and CPI have made abusive statements against the eternal Sanatan Dharma. It has been compared with mosquitos, dengue and malaria. The bravados have been made that they will not only oppose Sanatan Dharma but will eliminate it from the face of the earth.

This delirium has begun simultaneously and by leaders of three big constituents of I.N.D.I.A. Udaynidhi Stalin has reiterated that he stands by his statement. Surely this is a well thought out conspiracy.

These abusive statements are part of an unholy attempt to divide the society and increase hatred and enmity amongst its different sections for their petty political interests. These people can go to any extent to gain power by stooping down in vote bank politics.

This challenge is for all those who believe in the Constitution and democracy. This is a sick mentality which assumes that by attacking the beliefs of the majority religious community and creating an atmosphere of hatred and distrust towards it, the minority communities will gather behind I.N.D.I.A. with all their bulk votes.

We in India see an underlying unity in the apparent diversities. The Constitution provides for respect for all religious beliefs. We are of the firm belief that Indian society, which believes in democracy and purity, will give a befitting reply to such people.

We reiterate that Sanatan Dharma sees God in every living being. Our sanskriti believes in the divinity and equality of all human beings. Our prayers are for the well-being of all, “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah”. This provides for a strong foundation of unity and peace in the society on the basis of dignity of human being.

Sanatan Dharma is eternal. Despite 800 years of Mughal invasions, unspeakable atrocities, 200 years of clever British rule and efforts of missionaries, even today the majority of the Indian society believes in Sanatan Dharma. Those who oppose it are found in the dustbin of history.

Tamil Nadu has always been the flag bearer of our eternal culture. The religious people of Tamil Nadu have always been worshipers of Rameshwaram, Mata Meenakshi, Durga, Lakshmi, Ganesha, Murugan, Rama and Krishna. Thousands years old temples are symbols of Tamil Nadu’s eternal devotion towards Sanatan. The immortal teachings of great saints like Alwars, Nayanmars, Saint Thiruvalluvar, Andal etc. have been guiding not only the religious people of Tamil Nadu but also crores of Sanatanis from time immemorial. This is our common heritage.

Today there is a need to strengthen this shared heritage to locate and stress upon the points which increase mutual unity and strengthen the solidarity of the Bharatiya Samaj. This message is the right path for the happiness and peace for all Humanity.

We appeal to the countrymen for this.

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(Statement of Pujya Mahant Ravindra Puri ji Maharaj, President, Akhil Bharateeya Akhara Parishad; Pujya swami Jitendranand Saraswati ji Maharaj, Secretary General, Akhil Bharateeya Sant Samiti and the VHP Working President Sr. advocate Alok Kumar)