October 1, 2023

I.N.D.I. Alliance’s ally DMK party, has upped its opposition against the Sanatan Dharma. After Tamil Nadu Minister, Udayanidhi Stalin, insulted Sanatan Dharma saying it is like dengue and malaria and must be eradicated, another DMK leader, A Raja, compared Sanatan Dharma with AIDS and leprosy.

A Raja said that Udayanidhi Stalin was soft with his comparison of Sanatan Dharma with dengue or malaria. Raja said that dengue and malaria do not have social stigma. He then degraded Sanatan Dharma by comparing it with AIDS and leprosy that carries a social stigma with it.

Raja said, “I am prepared to give answers for all cabinet ministers if the Prime Minister convenes the meeting and let them permit me. I will explain which one is ‘Sanatan Dharma’ thereafter you decide…”

Earlier, Raja had challenged Home Minister Amit Shah and any other BJP leader to participate in a debate on Sanatan Dharma. He claimed Sanatan Dharma promoted inequalities among people, curbed women’s rights and advocated Sati.

Prior to that A Raja stated that all Shudras are children of prostitutes and they will remain so until they remain in Hinduism.

“Uprooting Sanatan Dharma is upholding humanity and human equality…I spoke on behalf of the oppressed & marginalised who suffer from the Sanatan Dharma. I spoke on behalf of the oppressed & marginalised, who suffer due to the Sanatan Dharma,” he said.